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Kasper Akhøj | Welcome (To The Teknival)

Softcover | 200 pages
Dust jacket, ota-binding
63 b&w  photographs
Forewords by H.R.H. The Princess Caroline of Hanover,
Marie-Claude Beaud & Célia Bernasconi 
Essays by Beatriz Colomina & Amy Zion
Interview Kasper Akhøj & Jorge Otero-Pailos
32 x 24cm
Designed by Alexandra Bruns

First edition 2017

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Timo Klöppel | Hi Timo

By Timo Klöppel
158 pages
78 photographs
Housed in a cardboard box
78 copies, numbered and signed

First edition,  2016

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Will Steacy | Deadline

By Will Steacy
Essay by Gene Roberts
Soft Cover
192 pages
277 photographs, reproductions & archival documents

First edition 2016

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Will Steacy | Deadline

By Will Steacy, Tom Steacy & the current and former staff of The Philadelphia Inquirer

80 pages, 5 sections
677 Illustrations, 70 Essays
11x22 inches

First edition 2015

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Jenny Rova | I would also like to be | Special Edition

Softcover | 72 pages
41 color and black & white photographs
41 handmade paper cuttings glued onto the photographs
Edition of 20 copies, signed and numbered
Sewn pamphlet binding

First edition 2015

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Julia Weber - Schlussgang

softcover | 44 pages
24 black and white photographs
full bleed
Swiss brochure

first edition 2013 | 400 copies

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Melinda Gibson - Miss Titus Becomes A Regular Army Mac

softcover | 46 pages
french fold, printed on both sides
each copy is unique, signed, dated and placed
with a foreword by Brad Feuerhelm
design by Kummer & Herrman

housed in a custom wrapping paper

first edition 2013 | 120 copies
source material Archive Brad Feuerhelm

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Max & Elly Randegger - Fahrtenbuch

hardcover | 128 pages
79 colour photographs
housed in a slipcase
handmade embossed label
first edition 2013

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Amira Fritz – Alle Von Denen

hardcover | 46 pages
7 c-prints mounted with photo corners with 7 album leaves by Jürg Amann


first edition 2012 | 120 copies

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Will Steacy - Down These Mean Streets Special Edition

hardcover | 112 pages
108 full page collages

The Campaign Financing Election Goody Bag

Vintage Bank Deposit Bag
Antique Wrench
Application For Unemployment Benefits
Scratch-Off Lotto Ticket
Original Buffalo Nickel
American Flag

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Ester Vonplon – cudesch da visitas

two volumes | 40 pages each
43 black and white photographs
leaflet with translation
housed in cardboard box 

first edition 2012 | 250 copies

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Ben Cope – Child of Night and Sleep

Älskling is a particularly unqiue self-portrait: Jenny Rova shows herself the way her ex-boyfriends pictured her. The 55 photographs in the book were taken by nine former partners of hers over the past 25 years. The images are in chronological order and can be seen as biographical work, recounting parts of the artist’s life since the age of 19. The series also serves as an examination of how lovers look at each other and how their attraction and closeness is captured within a photograph.

hardcover | 56 pages
40 black and white photographs 
housed in a cardboard slipcase
first edition 2012 | 150 copies

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